What do Corrosion Intercept and Zebras have in common? Zebras have stripes, unlike any other species.

Humans haven’t been able to discern why for hundreds of years. I have been around zebras and have heard many theories, from guides, not from the zebras.

One posed that the different colors created high and low pressures based on the heat they were absorbing and reflecting causing convection and air movement to keep them cool.


Commonalities Betwixt Zebras and Corrosion Intercept

Another posed that the stripes confused predators, because many predators have black and white vision. In which case, a herd of zebra running would make it hard for their eyes to pick out individual targets. Thus, the stripes essentially act as a camouflage due to the herding tendency of this animal.

Both of these make sense to me, and I believe would make sense to anyone who has experienced a hot day. Or, perhaps watched a TV’s black and white static. However, neither of these theories has been able to be proven.

A new theory has generated some proof, but instead of it being based on individual observations it is based on statistics. Researches have linked biting flies to why zebras have stripes. The researches have even linked different stripe patterns in zebras to areas with different distributions of biting flies. The zebra has short hair so it needs different ways to protect itself from biting flies. Their stripes provide this, by making it difficult for flies to see landing areas on the animal.

Intercept Technology™ Simpy Works

The Adaptive Features of Corrosion Intercept

With Intercept our active ingredient is copper particles reacted into a polymer structure. You can see the copper in our Corrosion Intercept®. in our Static Intercept® films and bags you can also see the darker color. This is caused by a higher copper loading combined with Copper Oxide (CMOS).

When the technology has gone past its effective life (up to or more than 20 years depending on the application and other variables) the Corrosion Intercept® turns grey or white and the Static Intercept® turns a jet black due to the Copper reacting with and permanently neutralizing corrosive gases (atmospheric pollution).

Stripes protect Zebras from biting insects. Neutralizing properties of copper protect the items inside the bags, wraps, or containers from rust, corrosion and oxidation. There are no great mysteries with Intercept Technology™. Its reactive barrier technology simply works, and is simply better protection.

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