Intercept Technology™ is a FAMILY of ProductsEach Utilizing the Same Innovative Technology to Ensure Long Term, Contamination Free, Permanent ESD and Corrosion Protection.

Intercept CU22™ Filter

Your Personal Protection Against COVID-19

Introducing the Intercept CU22™ Filter (with copper polymers). Highly effective at screening microbial particulate matter, the Intercept CU22™ Filter is your personal barrier against viruses and bacteria. It is the first fully tested product designed to ACTIVELY protect users.


High Breathability Factor       |       Lasts For A Month Of Constant Wear       |       Protects User And Others Against Germs

Fits Most Face Masks w/ Filter Pockets       |       Kills Most Viruses & Bacteria       |       Proven Effective Against COVID-19


*NOTE -- Intercept Technology™ Products (Static Intercept® / Corrosion Intercept® / RIBS MVTR / RIBS Ultra) offer long term, contamination free corrosion protection, with Static Intercept® having the best, most robust corrosion protection as well as ESD protection. The AT product line and the coated ESD corrugate do not contain Intercept and are not designed as anti-corrosion products, however they do not promote or cause corrosion.

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