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  • How long do Intercept Technology™ products offer protection? +

    Intercept Technology™ products are efficient for storages of up to 15 years. Depending on the region, the material, the requirements and the storage conditions, a specific Intercept Technology™ product will be selected. The guarantee of each product is designed according to each material’s protection capability and is valid worldwide. The extremely long experience of Intercept Technology™ products, since 1984, allows accurate forecasts regarding the durations of the protection effects – guaranteed.
  • Do all Intercept Technology™ products protect from ESD? +

    No. The product series Static Intercept® and R.I.B.S.™ Series are according to ANSI/ESD S541; ANSI/ESD S20-20. R.I.B.S.™ MVTR and R.I.B.S. MVTR Ultra also provide protection against EMI / RFI. Although all Intercept Technology™ products cannot build-up an electrical charge, they are not technically considered ESD. Static Intercept® combines corrosion protection and ESD protection.
  • Can Intercept Technology™ products be recycled and disposed of without any problems? +

    Absolutely. Our products meet all national and international regulations for the recycling of colored and uncolored plastic products. In addition, all products may be disposed as they are manufactured according to the European Waste Code (Europäischen Abfallschlüsse). The particular waste code is found in the technical documentation which is annually verified by an independent chemistry lab. This is one of the reasons why INTERCEPT® was awarded by the Federal Institute of Occupational Safety and Health Award.
  • Can Intercept Technology™ products be applied in a clean room? +

    Yes. Our products are free from chemical out-gassing and neither release ions nor anions. High requirements concerning the room's air purity are also fulfilled by Intercept Technology™ products. All of our products can be produced according to respective specifications and are therefore suited also for various storage conditions.
  • Is Intercept Technology™ a new technology? +

    Intercept Technology™ has been successfully applied for the worldwide shipment and long-term storage of industrial goods since 1984 -- it's capacity to protect against harmful elements and rigorous environments makes it highly applicable to most markets -- and continues both new innovation and expansion within our product lines to accomodate industry demands.
  • Which materials does Intercept Technology™ products offer protection for? +

    All ferrous / non-ferrous metals, elastomers, various plastics, optical components and many organic materials are equally protected. Intercept Technology™ “neutralizes” the influencing factors that cause atmospheric corrosion (which is how it protects so many different materials from the same harmful effects).
  • To which distance from the protected material will Intercept Technology™ be efficient? +

    The protection effectiveness of our product is not limited by distance and will function also at distances of more than 35cm. It will eliminate corrosive gases from large air volumes at a fast rate. This will allow for packaging designs that have a higher load density, less packaging materials and easier handling than traditional methods. It especially allows for avoiding the need to use mineral oils for corrosion protection and the subsequent required cleaning of the parts. Have a look in the field of shrink packaging where we effectively package large equipment and machinery with large volume of air without any oil coating.
  • Do Intercept Technology™ products meet military specifications? +

    RIBS products meet the specification requirements for MIL-PRF-81705E Type 1, Class 1 and MIL-PRF-131K. Static Intercept has been tested by the U.S. Army to perform as well in corrosion protection as the MIL-PRF-131J. ATCI meets the criteria for the MIL-PRF-81705E Type 2, Class 1.
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Intercept Technology, Inc.


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