We Are Intercept Technology, Inc.The FIRST Name in Permanent ESD Protection and Carbon Neutral Corrosion Control.


A Revolution in Protective Packaging

We are Intercept Technology, Inc. -- a preeminent organization leading the way in permanent ESD and corrosion protection. We optimize your packaging endeavors and help to reduce costs through increased efficiencies, reduced out of date materials, reduced rejections due to ESD and Corrosion damage.

Ongoing Innovation

Intercept Technology™ is incredibly flexible -- and applies to EVERY industrial pursuit with a need for protective packaging.





We innovate packaging.


We operate 24/7/365.


We are international.


We simplify protection.


We produce Intercept.

Our Esteemed Origins

Intercept Technology, Inc. (INTERCEPT) is the direct licensee from Bell Labs on the Intercept Technology™, and has been the leading technical force behind the technology since our inception as a company in 1983. Several of the leading engineers in the development of the Intercept Technology™ united to form INTERCEPT to further develop, manufacture, distribute and market the various Intercept Technology™ related products.

Intercept was developed to fight the dual problem facing high end and telecommunication electronics, namely adequate ESD protection and corrosion (solderability) damage. Static Intercept® was developed to provide permanent ESD protection for electronics, as well as long-term, contamination free corrosion protection for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals. This dual protection has found numerous applications outside of the tradtional focus that Bell Labs had foreseen.

INTERCEPT is the leading product development (R&D) and Technology arm within the Intercept Technology™ Group. INTERCEPT is looking to continue to improve the existing line of Intercept Technology™ products, adding on average a new Intercept product per year, as well as looking at dramatic breakthrough products like the new Corrosion Intercept® Clarity product. Our new products development pipeline continues to be filled with new innovative Intercept Technology™ products to ensure the continuation of tireless efforts to change the face of protective packaging.

Keith Donaldson

Keith Donaldson
Intercept Technology, Inc.

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