Intercept Technology™ reusable packaging offers a two in one benefit. The same is true for the new "Solar Sunflower". Airlight Energy claims that the new “Solar Sunflower” can harness the power of 5,000 suns. In fact, this new device concentrates the suns power. Of course, it concentrates the small fraction reflected by its panels -- BUT -- does so to about 5,000 times its power!


Flower Power

In some tests the concentrated reflections can even melt iron. Mind you, iron has a melting point of 1538 degrees C or 2800 degrees F. Either way this is impressive, but it is not the most impressive part of this new invention.

There are two kinds of solar power, solar thermal (the process of warming a substance, usually water, up to turn a generator) and photovoltaic which turns the sun’s light directly into electricity (through a photoelectric effect that causes some materials to absorb photons of light and release electrons). One, heat, is easier to store over periods of darkness (nighttime darkness, clouds, winter, etc.) I am most impressed with this device because it harnesses both solar thermal and photovoltaic energy. The thermal was, at least partly, in response to the materials heating up so much when reflecting and absorbing the reflected sun.

Intercept Technology™ -- Simply Better Protection Through Reusable Packaging With Multiple Benefits

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Intercept Technology™ Reusable Packaging Offers Multiple Benefits

As technology develops it is important to take advantage of ancillary benefits. One of the common places I encounter this is with Static Intercept. Intercept technology relies on copper reacted into polymer to provide its protective properties. At low levels this copper protects from corrosion. At higher levels Intercept provides ESD protection, while still providing the corrosion protection. This means that our customers who use Static Intercept to protect their microchips also enjoy an added value. The added value of protecting those same pieces from getting degraded by corrosion while packaged within Intercept.

Such "two for ones" are rare but, whether it pertains to converting energy or protecting valuable products, capitalizing on the secondary contributions of products is important for adding the most value for customers.

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