Apple recently announced that it will partner with First Solar to build a 1300 acre $850M solar farm. The farm will produce enough energy to power all of Apple’s California operations, its corporate campus and 52 Apple Stores. This is part of a growing trend of some of the world’s largest companies committing to renewable energy.

Apple and other sources have released many statements announcing the nearly $850 million deal. Apple does not plan to stop there though. Previous reports suggest that Apple will continue find ways for their supply chain to go green.


Many companies work to find ways to eliminate waste and streamline processes.
With respect to renewable energy -- in some cases the stated goal is greening operations -- in ALL cases the goal is increasing profit and efficiency.

Intercept Technology™ and Renewable Energy

Intercept Technology helps companies accomplish all of these goals. Proper use of the technology can reduce greenhouse gas released in operations by up to 4800% (seen by telecomm companies). Additionally, Intercept is fully recyclable, so it will not contribute to the annual waste created by 300 tons of non-recyclable, non-re-usable industrial foil packaging.

Intercept Technology™ -- Perfect For Renewable Energy And Green Operations: Recyclable and Uses No Oils, Greases, or Volatiles

Most importantly, Intercept prevents corrosion / oxidation that reduces reliability and usability of equipment. This reduced reliability is apparent as pre-mature part failures, which require replacement, or as solderability issues, which impact performance and also shorten the useful life of the product. Our customers have consistently seen dramatic reductions in green house gas emissions as well as increased reliability of their electronics.

Intercept Technology™ works regardless of the shape or size of the product it is protecting. This is intrinsic in how the technology functions. The high surface area copper reacted into, and permanently bonded to, the plastic polymer actively reacts with and neutralizes corrosion causing pollutants found in our atmosphere. As a result, Intercept Technology™ protects a wide range of products, from jewelry, to industrial, even works of art. Specifically, materials protected by Intercept, regardless of their properties, are preserved in an inert micro-environment. Said micro-environment is free from corrosion causing molecules, sulfides, nitrates, ozone, and chlorides.

Consumers and activists have made their voices heard and the future of success for many companies is based on how they continue to react. All and all, some will green their operations while providing top of the line products to their customers. Be that as it may, pressures will only increase over time as the market moves. How will you respond?