At Engineered Materials, Inc. we are serious about the environment. Our core products, Static Intercept, and Corrosion Intercept are renowned. Renowned because they are highly effective. Also too, because they are non-volatile and recyclable. To complement our efforts, the staff we attract are serious about embracing the environment. We employ skiers, hikers, campers, divers, climbers, sailors, and others.


Great Minds Think Alike

The idea that we find useful ways to go about our business and lives without affecting the environment permeates our collective mindset. As a result, we look for ways to further the interests of those with similar interests as well. We use green alternatives in business and inspire our staff to do the same in their lives and through their interests.

The latest quest for this is our renewed support for the Wild Animal Sanctuary (outside of Denver Colorado). The President of EMI, Keith Donaldson is attached to cats of all shapes and sizes. His top choices include his own and those that he's come across on photo safaris. On an ongoing outing to Denver, he went to The Wild Animal Sanctuary. This is a group that rescues captive large cats, bears, wolves, and other carnivores from poor conditions.

Environmental Impact

In the United States there are nearly 30,000 such creatures living in poor settings. For example, some are in zoos that are cutting back, while others are claimed as pets. Likewise, some are confined, while others have been seized from illicit dealings. This group saves these creatures and gives them a fitting area in which to live and re-adjust to public activity. The rescue missions have taken them to most of the United States. Likewise, to other South and Central American nations as well, notably saving 25 ex-circus lions from Bolivia.

Engineered Materials, Inc. and the Environment.

As well, the Wild Animal Sanctuary spreads its message as day-to-day people observe these creatures in a more natural way. This takes place outside of a zoo environment and in a much more relaxed environment. The Wild Animal Sanctuary does this with the Mile into the Wild. These animals don't see things in the sky as a danger. Upon concluding that a raised platform would give guests an aerial view, it would also shield the animals from feeling threatened.

The Mile into the Wild

The Mile into the Wild is a raised stage, raised between 20 to 40 feet. It extends a mile out and a mile back, a 2-mile round trip. An outing that gives an aerial view into the living spaces of more than 300 creatures, many of which are large cats. Keith's fondness for cats, as well as the whole group's posture towards conserving the environment, has led EMI to be a sponsor.

We accept that direct actions are important to safeguard the climate, creatures, and interests we love. We embrace this time to advance through our strategic approach as well as our humane efforts.

In closing, we applaud this dynamic organization. They provide for these majestic creatures and spread their message through education: