Automation and ease of use have become the next lowest hanging fruit in the realm of global commerce. Speed and inventory management are now the new differentiators between the winners and losers. To that end, Corrosion Intercept Translucent will make the difference for many competitors worldwide.


Those providing customers with the materials (or goods) necessary first -- are winners. The competition has become so fierce that delivery times under 1 day are not uncommon in some consumer markets.


Supply And Demand

As consumer goods have gotten faster, so too have demands for industrial goods. Cargo ships are the preferred method of transit because of their undeniable economies of scale. However, these ships (as efficient as they are) still have some sticking points.

As a matter of fact, they spend weeks, if not months, at sea and they still cross borders. The problems that arise can be due to - time at sea, inspection, lost goods, or any combination thereof. During time at sea, the environment gets hostile. Weather can rage, seas can chop, but even when conditions are not seemingly harsh salt water from the sea gets swept up into the air. This creates an environment rich with chloride, sulfur, salts, diesel exhaust, and other atmospheric pollutants (naturally occurring or otherwise).

Moreover, each country has different types of inspection. Consequently, the common denominator is, that preparation for each good, should be such that it can be unwrapped and repackaged easily without losing its effectiveness. This is paramount, so that no damage will happen even when inexperienced workers are repacking the goods. Finally, the efficiencies of scale keep costs down when bulk shipping. However, a natural consequence of that, is that more goods suffer loss or can become mixed up.

Intercept Technology™ -- Corrosion Intercept Translucent Is Perfect For Light Duty Corrosion Protection

The Intrinsic Value of Corrosion Intercept Translucent

Intercept Technology™ provides and facilitates answers to all of these challenges.

Firstly, the harsh environment causes by the seas is naturally combatted by Intercept Technology. The molecules in the air that cause corrosion and degradation react with and thusly neutralized by our Intercept Technology™ material. Concurrently, Intercept provides physical protection to prevent from damage during packing, shipment, and delivery. As an aside, see our case studies or send us an email for test results.

Secondly, Intercept Technology™ works actively to continue to keep the environment inside of the package free from corrosive pollutants. Inasmuch, unpacking and repacking goods, is possible without reducing their active protection. Intercept does not rely on hermetic sealing or proximity to goods. As a result, customs agents or unskilled laborers can repack items and it will continue to work. Finally, to combat the complexity inherent with the ever increasing scale of global logistics, shippers employ barcodes or RFID tags. Consequently, bulk packaging barcodes often achieve obscurity, sometimes becoming entirely covered by protective packaging. Also, RFID tags can go undetected due to metallized foil packaging films which block or greatly diminish the signal strength.

Intercept is proud to offer answers to these problems as well. Static Intercept Shrink film as well as all of our Intercept films and bags are RFID transparent. As a result, RFID tags can easily be read through the Intercept materials. We are also proud to announce our latest product, Intercept Translucent packaging. Corrosion Intercept Translucent provides superior corrosion protection along with transparency. Thusly, it affords the ability to see through the material, as well as scan through it. In brief, it protects your goods and postures them to sorted quickly and easily using RFID tags or scanned barcodes.

Ongoing Product Innovation and Technology Strategy

The demands of delivering goods that are in working condition will remain as customers have more options and power. However, as economies of scale grow, organizing and tracking goods for quick delivery will grow in importance. This is why Intercept Technology continues to innovate. We are proud to offer packaging that provides physical and corrosion protection. Also, too, we understand the dynamic nature of the global economy. As a result, we continue to adapt and develop goods that serve our customers. The Corrosion Intercept Translucent product is our most recent edition to the family of products designed to meet the growing needs of our customers. This product provides the same corrosion and degradation protection that we have become known for, but adds the feature that it is compatible with the latest trends in tagging and scanning.

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