Most people can't see by any stretch of the imagination how copper particles are akin to rhino milk. However, we assure you that there are similar characteristics betwixt the two.

Did you know that rhino milk is pink? It is almost the same as regular milk besides the color and it is also high in calories. The calorie count being about 500 per cup as compared to cow milk. Cow milk popular with humans offers the approximate following calorie counts per cup; whole = 150, 2% fat = 125, and 1% fat = 100. That makes sense as a baby rhino would need more calories than a baby cow.


But Why Pink?

The pink is the result of a secretion that rhinos have, sometimes known as blood sweat. This actually is not sweat at all. These secretions act as a sort of a natural sunscreen that serves as protection for the rhino’s skin while it is not in water. This secretion is red so when mixed with white milk you get pink.

Intercept Technology™ -- Infused With Copper Particles To Naturally Protect Against ESD, Rust, Tarnish, Corrosion, and Degradation

In Regard to Natural Protection Provided by Copper Particles

The active ingredient in the Intercept Technology™ is copper. If you were to look at our Corrosion Intercept® the copper in it shimmers, even when magnified beneath a jeweler's loop you can see the copper particles.

The catalyzed process developed by Bell Labs allows the high surface area copper particles to bond into a polymer (plastic) chain. This allows the copper to react with and permanently neutralize atmospheric pollutants (as pictured below).

This means that over time the material actually gets denser as the corrosive gasses are permanently bound to the copper in the material.

The importance of our color doesn’t stop there. Our Static Intercept® material has a higher load of copper coupled with some Copper Oxide, creating a CMOS device.  Both the Corrosion Intercept® (copper colored) and the Static Intercept® (brown) change colors as the copper inside react with corrosive gases.

How Intercept Technology™ Protection Works

Over time the color darkens, letting the users know it is time for a new bag, usually the change is after many years of use, depending on the application.  The attention to color also stretches to our Intercept Shrink Film, with its brown interior and white exterior.

Just like the Rhino that provides for its own protection from the sun, the white layer in the Intercept Shrink Film provides long term, stable UV protection for the film, and provides a reflective layer to keep the temperature inside more stable.

For more details, please send us an email, or call us at (847) 821-8280. We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and handle, with no complicated tricks and no chemicals.

With Intercept Technology™ what you see is what you get.  Simply Better Protection…