In this post, we examine yet another case where the benefits of anti-counterfeit packaging come into view. The Tycoon line of games (Rollercoaster Tycoon , City Tycoon, and Railroad Tycoon) is a popular line of video games. Participating players can design and operate their own businesses or cities.


There was a title of the same concept released in 2013, Game Developer Tycoon. The premise was that the player could make choices about what kinds of games to develop and then actually market and sell the games. Moreover, they could observe the results and hopefully grow their businesses from their garage businesses into empires.

The game developers decided to release one copy of the game for sale and then release a second copy. The second copy resided on a bit torrent site (a site used for free software sharing). The version designed for the bit torrent site remained identical with one exception. The exception was a limit which allowed users to play up to a point. This, in turn, caused sales of their developed video game to start slumping. Ultimately, the company eventually failed, due to free online sharing and piracy.

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The developers found that on the first day, over 90% of the users were using the pirated version. The remaining users purchased the real version. Ironically, many free-version users took to message boards to complain that they could not generate sales because of pirating.

The irony here is entertaining, even the independent developers recognized it. The main point here, is obvious. Sales, fictional or not, remain lost due to pirating and imitation goods. The International Chamber of Commerce estimates that by 2015 the value of "counterfeit goods" sales will reach $1.7 trillion.

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Intercept Technology™ Fake Proof Anti-Counterfeit Packaging

The Intercept Technology™ family of products has performed successfully for years in anti-counterfeit packaging schemes. Firstly, it has very unique electrical properties which can be instantly measured and verified. Secondly, it is the inherent light reflective properties provided by the copper. Lastly, it is because the base Intercept Technology™ is inimitable and is impossible to duplicate. The combination of these, allows the other properties to remain unique in the marketplace.

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