Xtend Packaging, a Master Distributor of Intercept Technology, will be at the 2015 Turbomachinery & Pump Symposia. This year's event takes place from September 14, 2015 through September 17, 2015 -- in Houston, Texas.


The Pliability of Intercept Technology™
Protective Films and Packaging Materials

We take part in this symposium since it is a convening of specialists in diversified fields. To sum things up, these trandes incorporate, however are not restricted to -- the turbomachinery, siphon, petrochemical, power, aviation, chemical, water, oil and gas trades. We appreciate drawing in the aggregate splendor of equipment specialists, producers, and professionals with a shared interest in energy production. The essential agendas are pointed towards the support, execution, and functioning of their hardware. Similarly, we as a whole -- appreciate the trading of thoughts and observations towards upgrades in every one of these individual facets.


This annual event is an opportunity for industry experts to gather in classic symposium fashion and participate in the following:
Discussion groups focused on exchanging information, new technology, and best practices.


Intercept Technology™ Protective Films Offer Unparalleled Protection

That is why Intercept Technology™ will be there. The users of Pumps and Turbomachinery invest in these machines as capital expenditures. In doing so, they know how important it is to keep their investments safe and working. Intercept Technology™ protective films and packaging materials actively prevent corrosion and degradation without contamination or the use of volatile chemicals or oils.

Intercept Technology™ Protective Films -- Guaranteed Protection Against ESD, Tarnish, Rust, Corrosion, and Degradation

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In brief, this makes it an ideal choice to transport and store spare components for immediate use. In addition, upon arrival or need of a replacement, it can be used without delay. This markedly exacts improvements, before down time costs the operator time or money.

Intercept Technology™ -- Simply Better Protection...

Intercept Technology™ Protective Films Guarantee Permanent ESD Protection and Corrosion Control.

Conversely, Intercept Technology is also flexible enough to allow for outdoor storage of parts and equipment.

The Intercept Technology originated from the Bell Labs Statue of Liberty Restoration Project and has been in use for over 20 years on all 7 continents.

As a result, we have the expertise and reach to serve your needs wherever they may take you.

To conclude, the 2014 Turbo show was a gathering of experts from over 50 countries and this year is looking to be even larger.



Turbo Lab’s 44th Turbomachinery & 31st Pump Symposia
George R. Brown Convention Center
1001 Avenida de las Americas
Houston, Texas 77010
September 14, 2015 through September 17, 2015

We will be at booth #1734 -- see the map here. We look forward to seeing you!.


To summarize, The Turbomachinery & Pump Symposia is an imperative industry "meeting of the minds". All things considered, it provides for a gathering between turbine equipment engineers, technicians, and specialists from around the world. An annual event, these talents convene specifically for the trading of thoughts relative to anti corrosion and anti static methodologies where turbine engines and other machinery are concerned.