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Engineered Materials, Inc. Applauds Innovation

Engineered Materials, Inc. Applauds Innovation

Engineered Materials Inc. applauds innovative progress, such as that of the KillaJoule. A Colorado couple just set a new land speed record. The record is for a motorcycle with a sidecar not only by a wide margin but also in an electric vehicle.

Over the last 5 years, Eva Hakansson and Bill Dube built this motorcycle in their garage. Their test runs yielded an average of 240 mph, but then they were able to break 270 mph on one straightaway.


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Static Intercept vs Static Intercept-2

Intercept Technology™ -- Static Intercept and Static Intercept-2 Are Both Excellent Choices For Copper Infused Reactive Barrier Packaging

Before we delve into the birth of Static Intercept-2, let's pick up on the winners for the 2014 Apple Design Awards announced last week.

Past winners of the awards include Where’s My Water, Guitar Hero, AOL Radio, and a World of Warcraft release.

Each of these won for a different reason. This is due to Apple’s criteria stating that winning designers “combined design and technology in creative, compelling, and powerful ways.”


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The Likeness of Corrosion Intercept to Zebras

Intercept Technology™ -- Reactive Barrier Protection Via Corrosion Intercept And Static Intercept

What do Corrosion Intercept and Zebras have in common? Zebras have stripes, unlike any other species.

Humans haven’t been able to discern why for hundreds of years. I have been around zebras and have heard many theories, from guides, not from the zebras.

One posed that the different colors created high and low pressures based on the heat they were absorbing and reflecting causing convection and air movement to keep them cool.


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