Engineered Materials Inc. applauds innovative progress, such as that of the KillaJoule. A Colorado couple just set a new land speed record. The record is for a motorcycle with a sidecar not only by a wide margin but also in an electric vehicle.

Over the last 5 years, Eva Hakansson and Bill Dube built this motorcycle in their garage. Their test runs yielded an average of 240 mph, but then they were able to break 270 mph on one straightaway.



Materials Science and Engineering at Work

The world used to imagine electric cars as slow and not fun. However, innovations like the KillaJoule will continue to break the mold. At Engineered Materials, Inc. we believe that advances in technology should be implemented as soon as it is proven reliable. We pride ourselves on introducing new technology to our customers.

Some of our Intercept Technology™ innovations include the following:

  • materials for effective indoor and outdoor storage.
  • foam for filtration as well as coin preservation.
  • injection-molded parts as well as thermoformed trays, bins, and inserts.
  • films for insect control.

Moreover, further innovations include laminating technology that leads to the production of award-winning materials like RIBS MVTR, various Intercept Technology™ barrier bags, and films. Counted amongst those, are a variety of gauges, styles, and closures for Intercept Technology™ bags.

Intercept Technology™ -- Engineered Materials, Inc (EMI)

We Have THE Technology

In the same way that electric cars are coming to prominence, we believe that customers are demanding the latest and greatest from their products. This is the case -- be it quality, capabilities, or environmental concerns.

We offer 20+ years experience of being on the cutting edge of plastics designs and materials production. Inasmuch, we have the experts to deliver top of the line results.

Let Engineered Materials Inc (EMI) help keep you from getting left in the dust. For more details, send us an email, or call us at (847) 821-8280.