How is reactive barrier packaging relative to racing toward the finish line? It has often been said that doing business is like running a race.

In some industries it's a sprint, for instance, selling ice cream or other perishables you have a rush to market.

Another extreme resides within capital purchases. In brief, these are akin to a marathon. A slow, steady pace, always there in position to take the order at the end of the distance. Other businesses are in the spectrum in between.


Congratulations to American Pharoah the 12th Triple Crown Winner

The world just witnessed an exceptional spectacle; the first Triple Crown winner in 38 years. Winning the Triple Crown is difficult. This is due to the number of horses in each race, coupled with the fact that each race is different. The Belmont is the longest individual race of the three at 1.5 miles.

Intercept Technology™ -- Copper Infused Protection Via Reactive Barrier Packaging

It is fun to compare today with past races. In this case, head to head against the record time held by Secretariat. This video clip shows the two racing side by side. It’s impossible to say how any horse would have run against the other. Much like business, competition spurs us onward, allowing us to reach inside for hidden strength to accomplish our goals.

Intercept Technology™ Reactive Barrier Packaging

In protecting products from degradation our goal is to try to provide that extra something inside to help our customers across their finish lines. Intercept Technology™ reactive barrier packaging is helping our customers to win the race, by enabling cost savings and optimum performance.

That "something special" inside our material is copper, which is permanently reacted into a polymer matrix, which protects sensitive materials. Concurrently, protecting without volatiles or oils and without the fear of contamination caused by these volatiles. Win your race, when sending your corrosion sensitive products into the world, or across your plant, remember, Intercept can help.

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