Intercept Technology will be present at the Expo Logistica in Panama City from October 21-23. In use on all 7 continents, our Intercept packaging products are continually expanding to reach and support our customers operations.


A Bridge Between North & South

Panama, a bridge between North and South America, is a major shipping point due to the Panama Canal. As a result, we believe this is a strategic location. Ultimately, it allows us to supply and support logistics and operations in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Intercept Packaging - Copper Infused Protection Via Reactive Barrier Packaging

Intercept Packaging on Display at Expo Logistica 2015

Intercept Packaging
Reactive Barrier Protection Against Static Discharge (ESD), Tarnish, Rust, Corrosion, Mold, and Mildew

To summarize, the photo shown showcases some of our Intercept packaging products displayed at our booth. Firstly, front and center is Intercept Shrink Wrap. This shrinkable material provides the corrosion protection that is synonymous with Intercept. Also, it conforms to nearly any shape and size.

This product provides physical protection and gives the user the option of having zipper access doors. This acommodates opening and closing for inspection and lift points, without sacrificing corrosion protection.

Secondly, the copper colored package to the left is Corrosion Intercept. It provides corrosion protection in standard sized bags and is fully customizable for differing sizes as well.

This particular bag is showcasing its effectiveness to protect engines. Thirdly, furthest to the right, is our Intercept Technology™ woven material. This has Intercept material laminated to the inside and a woven material on the outside. It protects parts from corrosion while providing durable physical protection for its contents from the most rugged of environments.

These are only a few of our product offerings. We have tailored products that can be applied for any shape, size, requirement, or budget. Also, we are constantly working to expand with our customers.

For more information, please call us directly at (847) 821-8280, or send us an email.