We invite you to join us at the 2014 Australian Corrosion Control and Prevention Conference in Darwin Australia.

Together with some of our Australian representatives, we will be showcasing our products and capabilities.

Corrosion control is one of the many benefits of Intercept Technology™. Comparatively speaking, Intercept is the ultimate reactive barrier protection against ESD (commonly referred to as static discharge), tarnish, rust, and degradation.


Unlimited Possibilities

We've worked in many industries, and therefore, are confident in our abilities to implement the best corrosion control method for you.

We have found a truly special market in Australia. There is a multitude of manufacturing opportunities, however, the mining sector has proven to be very interesting. In summary, Intercept Technology™ products are utilized in innumerable projects. Given that these projects range from protecting equipment to long-term storage of core samples -- the applications are vast. Not to mention, keeping jewelry looking its finest whilst presented to the marketplace and sold to consumers.

Intercept Technology™ -- The Most Robust Corrosion Control

Being that, our personnel based in Australia has expertise in dealing with the intense climate of Australia, we can help. Specifically speaking, Austrailian climate proves to require special considerations for outdoor protection. Inasmuch, Intercept Technology™ is uniquely positioned to meet the aforementioned atmospheric challenges. We believe the possibilities are endless and invite you to join us:

The Corrosion Protection and Prevention Conference
We will be in Booth #12
Darwin Convention Centre
10 Stokes Hill Road
Darwin City NT 0800
09/21/2014 through 09/24/2014

In brief, Conferring for four sequential days -- September 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th -- the conference will showcase the most recent improvements towards corrosion protection. Ranging from crucial corrosion science to hands-on application, offered presentations will focus on varying aspects of relative to corrosion. Emphasis on protection, prevention, and preservation are a given.