I spent part of last Saturday setting up for Christmas. After going through the tough part of getting the tree and carrying it up a cramped flight of stairs it was time to decorate it. This meant getting the bags, totes, and ornament boxes upstairs as well. My mother buys a new ornament every year and seemingly has done so forever. Her ornaments date back to the ’50s and spend the majority of their time stored in her basement covered in tissue paper.


Time, Tarnish, and Oxidation

Each one has a story, and my favorites are, naturally, about me. Unfortunately each year there are casualties, but not from being dropped, as was the danger in my younger years. We used to live in a house whose basement flooded and those were the leanest times, but this year the damage was not something immediate like water, but a more persistent one, tarnish and oxidation of the metallic surfaces.

Use Intercept Bags As A Reactive Barrier to Safeguard Family Heirlooms

Polished surfaces had tarnished, reflective surfaces had dulled over time, and (what tipped me off) was the seemingly never-ending supply of hooks that we went through. We noticed that the hooks, especially the ones on older ornaments, were weak and the heavier ones were so weak they were unusable. The issue was corrosion caused by atmospheric pollutants. The holidays seem to have something in the air.

No More Tarnish, No More Rust, No More Corrosion!

These gasses cause degradation to metal surfaces, as well as other sensitive surfaces. Moreover, this happens not just during the holidays but all throughout the year.

EMI uses its Intercept Technology™, and its reactive barrier bag technology, to safely deactivate those gasses. It does this by creating a microenvironment inside the bags, which keeps things the same year after year.

This year, when taking my ornaments down using Intercept bags is on the checklist. Our family heirlooms will have active protection even when stored away in their respective Christmas decor bags, boxes, and totes. Quite literally, the gift that keeps on giving -- Intercept Technology™ bags are actually "gift bags FOR your Christmas ornaments".

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