What are the similarities between Space Pac-Man and the cleanest packaging materials? With the recent release of the Pixels movie it is easy to dismiss this idea. It's equally easy to conjure up a Pac Man parody. However, this raises an important thought; as we send more and more items into space what happens to the debris?


We have recently surpassed 500,000 pieces of orbital debris, and most of it is still orbiting the earth. Eventually I think that the fragments will burn up while re-entering the atmosphere. However, what about what happens until then? Companies, governments, and individuals spend large sums of money to design and put spacecraft into orbit. However, one small piece of debris, orbiting at thousands of miles per hours, can cause astronomical damage. One such piece of debris, is the well known SwissCube. The cube is not large nor is it heavy, but finding, corralling, and retrieving it while in orbit will be difficult.

Intercept Technology™ -- Counted Amongst The Cleanest Packaging Materials For Spaceflight With Unparalleled Protection For Your Products

The SwissCube, and other space junk, seem imperceptibly small against the endless abyss of outer space, but it can matter. At Intercept Technology™ we know that even molecule size particles have the potential to cause harm too. Intercept Technology™ products actively attract and react with atmospheric pollutants, thereby permanently neutralizing them on a molecular level. The end result is a contaminant free micro-environment.

Intercept Technology™ In Aerospace

Similar to the Space Pac-Man, Intercept Technology™ protects components in outer space. In fact, it is one of the cleanest packaging materials tested for spaceflight. Sweden’s EPFL is committing itself to cleaning up our atmosphere and making us earthlings pleasant celestial neighbors. Just as we, who work with Intercept Technology have a committment to protect sensitive materials. Some of which, journey to outer space, while the designation of others are in museums. We believe that being good stewards for our customers, our customers’ products, and our planet is important. Because of this, we strive to reshape how users protect their sensitive goods.

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