Reactive barrier protection offers real-time benefits, as discovered by Tom Daschle. A former US Senate Majority Leader, he was also the target of an attack during the fall of 2001.

His office received an envelope of Anthrax. This was true, too, for other politicians and journalists. The envelope involving Daschle, arrived at his personal office exposing some of his staffers to it as well.

His office was quickly quarantined.



Taking Reactive Measures
Reactive Barrier Protection vs. Decontamination Protocols

After the initial panic of the attack passed, authorities concluded their investigations. Daschle naturally wanted to get back to work, in the comfort of his own surroundings. But first, his office required fumigation with highly reactive chlorine, to ensure neutralization of the active components of Anthrax. The Chlorine gas was so unstable that they had to create it on site.

The problem was that the decontamination would also ruin certain things. Namely, all computers, electronics, and any other item unfortunate enough to be in the office. The challenge being, that Senator Daschle had several bronze Remington statues. These, of course, faced inevitable ruin if exposed to the chlorine gasses. When officials reached this impasse they contacted the Senate Conservator.

Intercept Technology™ -- Reactive Barrier Protection Against ESD, Tarnish, Rust, Corrosion, and Degradation

The conservator turned to the proven effectiveness of Intercept Technology™. This way, they could abide by the regulations that mandated that everything in the Senators office remain until after fumigation. To compliment this, the statuettes stored in Intercept would now survive, untarnished, to sanitize safely by hand. Needless to say, this is exactly what happened. Furthermore, this led to work with different departments within the government. All of which, examined ways to protect computers and other electronics forced to undergo decontamination protocols.

Intercept Technology™ Offers Natural Reactive Barrier Protection

Intercept Technology™ prevents rust and degradation by reacting with and permanently neutralizing atmospheric pollutants. In this scenario the chlorides were much more aggressive than those found in the atmosphere or encountered in the sea. Be that as it may, Intercept Technology™ preformed as expected and protected the statuettes during the fumigation. So in a way, you could say how the West was, indeed, saved.

We pride ourselves at standing up to the forces of nature, shipping and storing in harsh environments worldwide. This is the case, too, with rigorous laboratory testing. However, this particular narrative gives us pride. We are proud because we were able to go above and beyond for a national figure. Not to mention, help preserve artistic treasures. Intercept Technology™ is a reactive barrier protection developed by Bell Labs. It was initially developed to protect electronics and metallic frames from both ESD and corrosion damage.

To learn more about how Intercept Technology™ has helped museums around the world write to us, or call us at (847) 821-8280. Intercept Technology™, always volatile free protection.