The driving force within our copper infused packaging materials, has a long history, like that of Stonehenge. Stonehenge is a sight to behold. So much history and so many questions in what appears to be an unassuming structure compared to modern day buildings. Now investigators have found new, literal, layers to add to the mysterious edifice.


New research shows that below the earth there are many other sites around Stonehenge. The reseach sheds new light on what was once believed to be a solitary creation. We now know, that it's part of something even greater.

Looking beyond the surface is something we at Engineered Materials, Inc. do constantly. First, our material looks relatively unassuming, like regular film. In actuality, it is super high surface area copper permanently reacted into the film. This surface area provides points of contact for the copper to react with. The reaction permanently neutralizes atmospheric pollutants that work to corrode and degrade materials from auto parts to jewelry and beyond. This occurs without relying on oils or volatiles. Second, our materials provide something greater than just changing out a packaging material.

Intercept Technology™ -- Reactive Barrier Packaging Materials That Offer Premium Protection

Intercept Technology™ Packaging Materials

Intercept Technology™ obsoletes greases, coatings, and complicated procedures on the shipping side of the equation. This includes -- inspection, cleaning, and waste disposal (sometimes hazardous due to cleaning solvents used) when receiving materials. As a result, this equates to measurable benefits for producers. Expensive machinery and man hours devoted to complicated packaging materials and their procedures is no longer necessary. Also, there are significant reductions in rejections and refurbishments. Lastly, for receivers -- this diminishes man hours for inspection, unwrapping, and waste procedures. All of this adds up to savings for you and your customers.

When you re-investigate something that has been around for millennia you can be pleasantly surprised what you find. When you consider packaging materials, think beyond just bag for a bag, ask what else a new technology can do for you? Whether it is reducing rejections, creating a sustainable (closed loop) system, or to comply with the most recent safety standards, or simply to move to protective packaging materials that are better for the environment, think Intercept Technology.