With respect to Intercept Technology products, I write quite a bit about looking at things differently. With 7 billion people, there is a flood of information available. Inherent with our sharing mentality, it's difficult to get something truly new and unique.


There are places you can go on earth, and perhaps be the first person to arrive (albeit they're shrinking). However, when I came across these pictures of our nearest celestial neighbor, the moon, I was captivated.

I know that the idea of the dark side of the moon struck a chord in the 70’s. Still yet, these pictures fascinated me. The moon is familiar but there is something so unfamiliar and almost mystical about the dark side of it.

Intercept Technology™ -- Intercept Technology Products Lead The Packaging Industry With Cutting Edge Reactive Barrier Protection Against ESD, Tarnish, Rust, Corrosion, Degradation, Mold, and Mildew

Intercept Technology™ Products

I get the opportunity to see new applications of Intercept Technology products every day. This is the case, in all sorts of industries, on all continents. Our product applications are diverse and so are the people with whom I work. One thing that binds this diverse talented group together is looking for even newer projects. These of course, lead us to new ideas and more applications and/or savings for our customers.

We are not going to the moon, but we are working in really fascinating areas which makes it fun. In the sense that, we are constantly seeing new applications. These range from protecting the Paul Revere Time Capsule items in Boston, to protecting highly sensitive turbines. From protecting industrial robots or class 0 electronic devices, to keeping earrings bright and shiny for mass merchandisers.

We are even looking into areas that few ever thought we would venture. So keep watching us, just like a trip to the moon, there are surprises ahead.

Intercept Technology™ was discovered and created by a group of engineers who kept looking for different ways to do things. This same background, continues to keep us curious for new projects and challenges. So when other products do not fit the bill, think of Intercept Technology products. Let our curiosity and the capabilities of our technology, exact a solution for your packaging or preservation needs.

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