A pair of hunters recently discovered one of the few woolly rhinos, and the only calf, found in Russia.

Scientists are now examining the body for any usable DNA. This DNA would determine which living rhino is most closely related to the one found. This practice is not unique. Other studies, also, work to determine the lineage of other animals and even people.


One of the more fascinating examples of this is Otzi the Iceman, found in the Alps between Austria and Italy.

Scientists acquired many inferences into what his life was like, because he was so well preserved. This includes his diet, his health, and even his cause of death. Most interestingly, scientists located at least 19 of his genetic relatives.

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Specimens in different parts of the world, continue to give us new insights into the past. Preserving this genetic data or information is vital for our understanding. That is to say, our understanding of where our, and other, species come from and where we could be going. Although humans still rely on freezing our genetic components, we now do so deliberately and with higher levels of accuracy.

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