We recently learned here at Intercept, that the world’s oldest living creature was an Ocean Quahog, named Ming. It was found near Iceland and was determined to be 507 years old.

It was born just after Columbus first crossed the Atlantic and lived to have seen many great changes in its life.

From 1751 to 1994 the oceans are believed to have gotten 30% more acidic and over the past 25 years 12% more acidic. So how is this related to Intercept Technology™ you ask?


Sea Transport with Intercept Technology™

This changing acidity of the oceans was recently the focus of an article in the Economist. The article brought to light some of the changes that we are likely to see. We know that shipping on the sea is difficult and the increase in acidity will only bring about more challenges.

The prevalent moisture and chlorides provide a tough atmosphere from which to protect against rust, corrosion, and degradation. We at Engineered Materials, Inc. have responded to the challenge by suggesting our 8 Mil Intercept Shrink Film. This Shrink Film creates a safe reactive barrier on the outside as well as a micro-environment inside of the package.  This INTERCEPT created micro-environment is then free from atmospheric pollutants that cause corrosion and degradation.

Intercept Shrink Film and Shipping Sea Freight / Cargo

Shipping sea freight also provides numerous other problems that Intercept Shrink Film is in a unique position to combat.

Firstly, in one trip an ocean liner can encounter a wide range of environments, from arctic cold to extreme heat. Intercept Shrink Film has been tested in these conditions and performs.

Secondly, the Shrink Film is flexible and reduces wind resistance. Because it is shrunk to the product it is protecting -- it is not a loose material. It does not flap in the strong winds, which can rip film as well as damage the product being protected. This means that the same product can be stored on a ship’s deck or in a cargo hold.

Also, sea freight items need to be ready to comply with multiple countries' laws. Intercept Technology™ uses no oils, greases, or volatiles and is fully recyclable. We can also provide access points, so customs officials can inspect cargo without needing to unwrap it.

Intercept Technology™ is Highly Adabptable

I am in no position to predict what the future will bring for the seas, but if the only constant changes, shouldn’t the packaging that you rely on on be as adaptable as possible?

Our products stand up to elevated levels of pollutants in varying environments all over the world and we have confidence that they will continue to do so. INTERCEPT is simply better protection when it comes to sea transport. Please contact us with any challenges you may have with your current methods. You may email us or phone us directly at (847) 821-8280 for a consult.