While industrial packaging seems completely separate from human nature, there is, indeed, a relationship. It is in human nature to explore as much as it is in human nature to change the world. Ship wreck exploration is a fun intersection between these two truths.


As a Midwesterner I do not think of myself as proximate to any great aquatic adventures but, alarmingly, this winter proves me wrong.

This was one of the warmest winters on record. Resultantly, this year’s ice sheets from the East Coast cleared the Great Lakes of sediment. This cleansing made them clear enough that the lakes’ bottoms are visible from airplanes. Notably, they will continue to be clear until agricultural runoff and blooming algae muddy the water. This means that of the 6,000 ship wrecks in the great lakes more are visible from the air. Ultimately, to direct divers to and learn more about. The coast guard conducts research about these wrecks but crowd sources additional information. This allows individuals to contribute to larger knowledge databases.

Intercept Technology™ -- Innovative Industrial Packaging: Reactive Barrier Protection Against ESD, Tarnish, Rust, Corrosion, and Degradation

As humans, our struggle begins with our inherent needs. Specifically, our need to change the world to meet our needs whilst preserving that which we are drawn to explore.

Intercept Technology™ in the Industrial Packaging Realm

Our industry focuses on industrial packaging and preservation, and that is where my own expertise is as well. Every year there is an immense amount of materials wasted because instead of being recycled (and repurposed) they undergo disposal.

Unnecessary waste further impacts industrial demands and stresses our resources. So when walking the line of preserving what we have for exploration and using what we need, we urge our customers to be conscious of the benefits of using a fully recyclable material that is not reliant on volatile chemicals, and actively helps replace and eliminate the need for oils. We are taking great strides with automotive customers in Europe and Africa, in helping them eliminate the need for protective oils to protect their parts. Seeing the results of another oil spill off the coast of California makes us appreciate clean water, aquatic adventures and our truly environmentally friendly reactive barrier packaging material, the Intercept Technology™.