We wish to thank the following people who have substantially helped over the years:

The EMI team, back office, support and sales / marketing individuals. Thank you.

John Franey from Bell Labs, the inventor of the Intercept Technology and our atmospheric corrosion and ESD guru.

Rob Tweed from Baxter and co-founder of EMI for sound advice over the years.

Frank Kroekel from INTERCEPT Technology GmbH who has led his IT GmbH with incredible skill and insight, and propelled the technology forward into new markets and new marketing and sales directions. Nice to know that I can always depend on you.

Joe and Elaine Spitz for the tireless marketing and sales efforts and approaches. Our first distributor and still leading the way forward.

Chris Della Valle for stepping up and doing what was needed to keep things moving forward and for his tireless efforts in sales, marketing and manufacturing and his willingness to try new things and push the envelope.

Marc Rothenberg for his sound advice, his marketing and sales powers, his organizational skills and for never stopping in his relentless push forward with the technology.

Red Bickerstaff and the FPM Team for their efforts in the Intercept shrink film markets, aerospace, and automotive markets, for all of their help and support over the years and for creativity.

Warwick Richards and the INTERCEPT Team in Australia who continue to spearhead new developments, continue to break into new markets, continue to document and promote the technology like crazy.

Kajiyama Akihiro for his efforts in Japan, bringing the technology forward in new ways and helping us maintain a position in this critical market.

Henry Tan and CH Tng for their efforts to bring INTERCEPT to and throughout Asia. You helped teach our US team about marketing and sales in vital areas of the world.

Roderick Garcia thank you for your handling of our Central and South American clients and for your help in translations for our website and other documents.

Booker thank you for your handling of all things website, IT and IT infra-structure involved – you keep us connected to each other and the world.

We also wish to thank the scores of sales, marketing and support personnel around the world who continue to help, every day, in our efforts to supply and promote our INTERCEPT Technology. Thank you all.