STATIC INTERCEPT® plastic products have been manufactured in accordance with the written Specificationsof the clients and in accordance with rigorous internal quality control standards.

The manufacturer warrants the protective function of the products that will provide a reactive barrier to atmospheric corrosive gases for a maximum of 24 months in use, reacting with and neutralizing these gases under the following conditions and exclusions:



1. Application
It is the client’s responsibility to assure the correct application of the product and handling at all times.The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for applications that have not been specified and/ ordeclared previous to placing orders tothe manufacturer.

2. Handling
Goods to be protected must be completely encapsulated or enclosed inthe product and must be sealed in an orderly fashion (Welding, Taping, etc.) to avoid atmosphere being exchanged during transport andstorage.

3. Other
Packed goods must be free of corrosive oils and chemicals as well as fingerprints on polished surfaces.

4. It not otherwise specified, adequate amounts of desiccants in accordance with DIN 55473 (fee of salt orcorrosive demands) must be used in a quantity of 16 units per m³ of air or volume of packaging.



1. Products which have not been paid by the client in full are explicitly excluded from this warranty.

2. Failures due to mechanical damage by puncture, impact, tear or by Act of God, improper handling, conservation or installation of the product, improper condition during transport and storage, resinexudation from wood, greases, petroleum, ether, tar etc.,applied directly or indirectly, are expressly excluded from this warranty.

3. The manufacturers’recommendation of installation and usage of the product must have been followed.

4. In case of any failure, user is responsible to minimize any damages that could occur.

5. This warranty covers only the replacement value of the damaged INTERCEPT product. No warranty is offered and no liability is undertaken whatsoever for replacement costs nor for potential damages to thegoods, loss ofprofit or special, indirect or consequential damages.

6. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties or conditions, express or implied, statutory or otherwise, including but not limited to merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. It is the responsibility ofthe user to verify the suitability of the specific type of product for his particular application.

7. Seller’s general terms and conditions of supply and delivery apply.

8. Courts of jurisdiction for any dispute arising from this warranty is the state of Illinois (USA).

9. Products that exceed their storage age and/ or have been stored under unsuitable conditions areexcluded from this warranty.


Procedure for Verification of Claims

1. A sample of at least 0.5 ft2 from the INTERCEPT product must be sent for analysis and identification of the causes of failure to the manufacturer within 1 week from noticing a failure, including the following information: type of Product, dimensions, production code, date purchased, date installed, kind ofpackaging method accompanied by pictures and condition during packaging (application) and handling (Shipment and/or storage), packaged goods and defined failure description.

2. The manufacturer and his representative must be allowed to inspect the site.

3. In case the inspection and/or analysis held by the manufacturer’s lab reveal that failure is due to thequality of the film, the above conditions of warranty will apply.