Intercept Technology™ in Science

The unique complexities and specificities of parts and shapes associated with implements of the scientific community, are usually a perfect match with our 3D printed Intercept Technology™ products. Our ability to protect onboard electronics, as well as other highly sensitive components which require strong corrosion and/or ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection -- works hand and hand with high-end, clean applications -- as the nature of Intercept Technology™ products is non-volatile.

Key Attributes

  • Protects highly technological and sensitive pieces of laboratory / scientific equipment.
  • Offers a significant reduction in the amount of packaging material time.
  • Endures harsh and inclement weather conditions, relative to transport / sea freight.
  • Enables re-sealing of packaging simply by taping it in case of a tear and / or inspection.

Recommendations For Science

  • Shielding: RIBS MVTR / RIBS Ultra
  • Barrier Structures: Static Intercept® / RIBS MVTR / RIBS Ultra
  • Anti-Static: Static Intercept® / RIBS MVTR / RIBS Ultra
  • Shrink Films: Static Intercept® / Intercept Shrink/ Corrosion Intercept® Shrink