Intercept Technology™ in Consumer Goods

Intercept Technology™ meets and exceeds both the routine, as well as extraordinary -- packaging challenges of most consumer product categories: hardware, household, electronics, office products, sporting goods, health and beauty products and more.

Prevailing amongst the most notable innovations in consumer markets, by successfully addressing the need to preserve and protect consumer and retail products – Intercept Technology™ meets competitive demands to ensure maximized product cycles, variable environment factors, and cost effective packaging.

Our innovative packaging of consumer retail merchandise extends far beyond manufacturing and typical packaging design. Aside from positioning global merchandisers to successfully deliver packaging which encourages customer interaction with your respective products -- we are well versed with the ever changing challenges related to quality delivery, successful distribution and competitive mass merchandising. Our perfected process for ongoing improvement translates to a commitment to leadership in the design of manufacturing materials. Intercept Technology™ offers your retail packaging a competitive edge by offering world class protection to your products, while maintaining cost effective arrival to your end users. As we are innovators in our field, staying abreast of constantly evolving technologies as relative to mass retailers and environmental factors -- we are uniquely postured to offer you a reliable partnership with which to dominate your competition.

Key Attributes

  • Withstands extreme temperatures without reducing protection.
  • Offers superior versatility, available in several styles for sizing.
  • Saves time through optimization of processes.
  • Reduces costs via reusable and recyclable materials.

Recommendations For Consumer

  • Static Intercept® Films / Bags / Totes / Trays
  • RIBS MVTR / RIBS Ultra Films / Bags
  • AT Technology Clear Anti-Static (A/S) Films / Bags
  • ATCI AT Technology with Corrosion Intercept®