Intercept Technology™ in Medical

Intercept Technology™ lends to a specialized focus in sterile barrier packaging, protective flexible packaging, barrier foil packaging, and static-safe and anti-corrosive packaging -- each of which combine to have outstanding values for the medical community. From offering superior microbial barrier protection which helps packaging to maintain it's sterility -- to being highly compatible with several sterilization processes -- Intercept Technology™ empowered medical polymer films are the best protection available to ensure that both pharmaceuticals and medical equipment are kept safe against contaminants.

Key Attributes

  • Protects against corrosion for transport and storage.
  • Extends usability and shelf life of medical / pharmaceutical products.
  • Offers superior sizing flexibility and is available in several styles.
  • Saves costs via reusable and recyclable materials

Recommendations For Medical

  • Static Intercept® / Corrosion Intercept® / RIBS MVTR / RIBS Ultra
  • FDA / USDA Polyethylene Films and Bags
  • FDA / USDA Barrier Packaging
  • FDA / USDA Laminated films and structures