Intercept Technology™ in Energy

Encompassing work that we do in Oil and Gas, Mining and Energy Generating Equipment. Three completely different fields, but all have similar as well as unique applications where Intercept Technology™ products provide protection.

Oil and Gas – from storing components, equipment and assemblies outdoors, freeing up expensive and hard to come by inside storage, to shipping oil drilling equipment around the world Intercept Shrink Film provides the robust protection for harsh winter climates of Norway and Russian States, to the harsh direct sun of Australia and Africa and the heat and humidity of Houston. Intercept Shrink film has been approved for use with oil and gas equipment going to the environmentally protected Barrow Island, off of Western Australia, as well as for wrapping tools and equipment being stored and staged in Houston.

Recently Intercept Shrink film was used to wrap the largest turbine in the Southern Hemisphere for a power company in South Africa. Because of its long stable useful life protecting against corrosion, without using oils or other chemicals which can contaminate surfaces, Intercept is being used to protect energy production equipment, from small electrical control panels up to full turbine equipment, for oil and gas as well as nuclear industries.

The same harsh environments and requirements for spare parts that need to be ready at a moments notice exist in mining as well. Intercept has been used for almost a decade in the harsh environments in Australia at various mine sites, as well as Africa and the Philippines. Several years ago it was also discovered that Intercept films and bags could be used to protect core samples from degradation, allowing the samples to be kept pristine, often without expensive refrigeration. Contact us to find out more about our exciting IMPS program (Intercept Mineral Preservation System).

Key Attributes

  • Offers corrosion protection for up to 15 years.
  • Prevents corrosion and degradation of critical spare parts.
  • Provides long term storage of turbines and other energy machinery.
  • Offers superior versatility, available in several styles for sizing.

Recommendations For Energy

  • Outdoor Storage Intercept Shrink Film (7 and 8 mil – 175 / 200 micron).
  • Inside Crates Intercept Shrink Film, Corrosion Intercept Shrink.
  • Small Parts Intercept Shrink Zipper Closures Bags.
  • IMPS Corrosion Intercept® films and bags.