Intercept Technology™ in Manufacturing and Automotive

Oil free packaging and an increased emphasis on environmental packaging are being driven by a combination of European environmental legislation, corporate mandates and public desire. The increased globalization of manufacturing puts more stress on the protection of products as they are shipped and/or stored as they are shipped to and from various places in the world. The increased stress on the products requires increased protection; the solution for both the need for increased protection and the requirement for oil free packaging is Intercept.

Intercept has a long track record in Europe, Africa and Asia helping companies move from traditional packaging and the environmentally challenging oiling / de-oiling process for both short term and long term protection from everything from small spare parts, to engine blocks, cam and crank shafts, transmissions and transmission components and fully assembled parts. Numerous companies have approved intercept for use in Long Term Storage, up to 15 years. Below is a partial list of how Intercept is changing the way automotive companies and suppliers ship, store and pack parts:

  • Replacement of bags with Intercept totes, Intercept thermoformed tote liners and Intercept film liners.
  • Simplification and streamlining of packaging specifications / process.
  • Increasing pack density for parts while minimizing packaging.
  • Elimination of the expense of oiling / de-oiling process by placing clean, dry parts into Intercept bags (one way or re-useable).
  • Replacement of foil packaging for long term storage, allowing easy access and re-closing in the field or warehouse.
  • Use of Intercept shrink film to allow dies and other manufacturing equipment to be stored outdoors, instead of indoors.

Key Attributes

  • Spans benefits from major manufacturers to local parts suppliers.
  • Enables "oil free" shipment of parts.
  • Saves time and costs through optimization of processes.
  • Offers extensive corrosion protection (24+ months).
  • Reduces costs via reusable and recyclable materials.
  • Delivers top performance and prevents loss through damages.

Recommendations For Manufacturing / Automotive

  • Re-Usable: Intercept Totes & bins / Tote liners / Intercept film and bags.
  • Bags: Intercept and Intercept2 films and bags (3, 4 and 6 mil).
  • Dunnage Trays: Intercept cut sheets / Intercept Foam / Intercept Bags.
  • Wraps: Intercept / Intercept 2 / Intercept Shrink films.
  • Spare Parts: Intercept2 or CI Clarity.
  • Outdoor Storage: Intercept Shrink Film (7 and 8 mil – 175 / 200 micron).