Corrosion Intercept®

Corrosion Intercept® (CI) has the more recognizable Copper color, but it is designed for lighter corrosion duties than Static Intercept®. CI is the preferred choice for museum, archival, and consumer applications. CI is volatile free, safe, clean protection.

Corrosion Intercept


Bags, Shrouds, Film, Sheets, Coated Paper and Corrugated, Saturated Foam and new KorrVu® with Corrosion Intercept.


A reactive barrier material providing volatile and oil free long-term corrosion protection with mold / mildew protection with a built in saturation indicator.


Excellent; #4 recyclable, reusable, low carbon footprint. Corrosion Intercept® is nonvolatile, clean and safe protection.


Copper / Bronze Color -- although selected style and thickness offer slight differences in shading and feel -- it is an opaque polyethylene or polypropylene material (see image for likeness).


Compact Disc (CD) Protection Products and Jewelry / Precious Metals / Gemstones / Precious Stones Protection Products.


3-7 Years; multiple years of protection based on material style, gauge, and aggressive environment level exposure.

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