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Bell Labs developed the Intercept Technology™ for their own applications and uses, so the natural first place that Intercept was used was in protecting sensitive telecommunication equipment. One of the first applications was for protecting circuit boards – the first million boards protected in Static Intercept® were reviewed and no failures were found due to ESD damage, Corrosion damage or latent defects. Bell Labs had determined that up to 80% of board failures had been due to a combination of ESD and Corrosion, which was resolved by the use of Intercept Technology™ bags. Only Intercept provides effective dual ESD and Corrosion protection with no contamination and no ESD shelf life.

Bell Labs also calculated that the use of Static Intercept® would dramatically reduce their carbon footprint – an estimated 4000% reduction in carbon emissions by switching from traditional non-recyclable ESD packaging that does not provide corrosion (solderability) protection to Static Intercept® bags for their boards.


We offer 4 unique technologies for the ESD market:

  • Static Intercept® Films / Bags / Totes / Trays
  • RIBS MVTR / RIBS Ultra Films / Bags
  • AT Technology Clear Anti-Static (A/S) Films / Bags
  • ATCI AT Technology with Corrosion Intercept®


The RIBS MVTR products line protects even the most sensitive electronics (as well as associated tools, and equipment) from moisture and ESD issues while providing permanent shielding. RIBS MVTR is nonvolatile, clean, safe, contamination free ESD protection with permanent Shielding capabilities.

AT is a clear film used for electronics protection. AT is static dissipative and has multiple uses. AT is clear, clean, and safe ESD protection for long term applications without causing corrosion. The ATCI combines the clarity of AT Technology with the corrosion protection of the Corrosion Intercept Technology®