Engineered Materials, Inc. was recently contacted by the City Council of Grand Junction Colorado to consult on ESD protection / corrosion control and how to store electronics, artifacts and data inside of their time capsule.


Preservation and ESD Protection

Having placed their data mainly on flash drives, they knew that current computers would likely be tools that those retrieving the capsule would need in order to extract the data in the future.

They also had the foresight to consider what would happen to their items inside the capsule. A primary concern being the circuitry in the computer and the flash drives over time. They realized that corrosion is a universal presence. The capsule was being built into the corner of their new building. This, however, would not exempt it from the ravages of time and pollution. They came to us and asked what they should do? Engineered Materials, Inc. donated RIBS MVTR bags that provide long-term corrosion protection coupled with permanent ESD protection. We suggest these bags for this specific type of long-term storage.

Time Capsule - Grand Junction Colorado - EMI

Corrosion Control and Permanent ESD Protection

Their chief concerns had to do with corrosion, ESD damage, and conditions. The capsule is an integrated feature, in that it is inbuilt into the side of their building. This would shield it from direct weathering, but it will still meet temperature changes and exposure to corrosive gases. We knew that the RIBS material would stand up to the changes in temperature while still providing protection against humidity and pollution.

Specifically, these bags operate by safely deactivating the atmospheric pollutants that degrade materials over time. As a result, they will also help protect the other artifacts placed in the time capsule.

Time Capsule - Grand Junction Colorado - EMI

To be precise -- in 50 years, the drives, laptops, and other artifacts will be antiques. Be that as it may, they will be SAFE. As a result, they will provide people in the future with a way to see back into how we live in the year 2013.

Needless to say, we at Engineered Materials, Inc. are proud to be a part of making that happen.

Please contact the City Council of Grand Junction Colorado directly for more details on the time capsule, it's scheduled fetch date, and otherwise at:

Attn: City Council
Grand Junction City Hall
250 North 5th Street
Grand Junction, CO 81501
Phone: (970) 244-1504

Please email us for more details on how Intercept Technology™ can help with preservation, corrosion control, and permanent ESD protection. If you'd prefer to speak with us directly, please dial us at (847) 821-8280.