Liberty Packaging Company looks at things differently, and technology packaging is no exception to the rule. When I spend time with Joe Spitz I usually get a lesson in history. Said lessons, are either national or Boston centric, music, martial arts, or any sport (this may be Boston centric, too). His background and interests allow him to be creative. That creativity carries over into his work with Intercept.


Out of The Box

Intercept Technology™ presents unique protection for technology packaging, as it prevents static discharge (ESD), corrosion, and degradation. During the day Joe usually applies this to working with heavy industry as well as technology. In his free time I get emails about using Intercept Technology™. The emails relate to its use around the house or potential applications in the world of music. Music, by the way, is an innate talent shared by his entire family. These "out of the box" applications give birth to new ideas, which convert into new products and markets.

Intercept Technology™ -- Unique Protection Perfect For Technology Packaging

A Leader in Anti-Corrosion and Anti-Static Packaging Solutions.

While exploring NASA’s website (Experience Curiosity) the whole concept of the dark side of the moon made me think of our music applications and of Liberty Packaging, but then I expanded that thought to include Joe’s work with retail warehouse robots.

Intercept Technology™ -- Unique Protection For Technology Packaging: Prevents Static Discharge (ESD), Corrosion, And Degradation

The robots he works to protect are semi-autonomous and follow commands to deliver crates of materials to packers. Thusly, the robots reduce man hours and technology packaging time while handling and moving goods around large warehouses.

The Intercept Products allow for safe storage of the robots and critical spares so that the robots can stay operational. Using Intercept inspired solutions, these robots reduce down time and increase efficiency.

Joe uses his creative background to examine problems from every possible angle. This ensures that the right technology packaging is put into place to allow for a proper solution. Whether these products end up in a warehouse, retail store, or outer space we are confident in our team and product to provide top notch results.