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Engineered Materials, Inc. Applauds Innovation

Engineered Materials, Inc. Applauds Innovation

Engineered Materials Inc. applauds innovative progress, such as that of the KillaJoule. A Colorado couple just set a new land speed record. The record is for a motorcycle with a sidecar not only by a wide margin but also in an electric vehicle.

Over the last 5 years, Eva Hakansson and Bill Dube built this motorcycle in their garage. Their test runs yielded an average of 240 mph, but then they were able to break 270 mph on one straightaway.


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Intercept Australia: Corrosion Control Conference

Intercept Technology™ -- Invites You To Attend The Corrosion Control and Prevention Conference

We invite you to join us at the 2014 Australian Corrosion Control and Prevention Conference in Darwin Australia.

Together with some of our Australian representatives, we will be showcasing our products and capabilities.

Corrosion control is one of the many benefits of Intercept Technology™. Comparatively speaking, Intercept is the ultimate reactive barrier protection against ESD (commonly referred to as static discharge), tarnish, rust, and degradation.


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Innovative Technology: Then vs. Now

Intercept Technology™ -- Innovative Technology At Its Best

Although innovative technology has been present since ancient times, our focus for this post is on World War 1 Technology.

The Atlantic Magazine just posted a page of pictures of World War 1 Technology, find it here.

Many of these pictures show old designs that paved the way for the future.

For example, the first picture (in the article link), called an "acoustic locator" -- was a predecessor to sonar.


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