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Turbomachinery Symposia: Anti Corrosion Mastery

Intercept Technology™ Protective Films -- Contain No Oils, No Volatiles (VOCs), No Contaminants, and Do Not Outgas

Intercept Technology™ will adjoin the anti corrosion / anti static mastery of the Turbomachinery Symposia in Houston, Texas via Xtend Packaging. This time, the event takes place from September 22nd through 25th.


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Intercept at Thailand International Logistics Fair

Intercept Technology™ -- Invites You To Attend The 11th Annual Thailand International Logistics Fair.

Intercept Technology™ invites you to attend the 11th Annual Thailand International Logistics Fair. The fair is scheduled from 09/24/14 through 09/27/2014. This years event is at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Center (BITEC).


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The Amazon: Why Is Being Recyclable Important?

Intercept Technology™ -- Reactive Barrier Protection That Supports Our Environment

There is a lot to say about being recyclable. There is a lot to say about the Amazon River; its history, discovery, myths, scale, and on and on, but when I was there I saw two things; its raw beauty and its potential. The raw beauty speaks for itself; none of my pictures capture it quite like the one below, taken at sunset, but the potential deserves a bit more of an explanation.


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