The value of reactive copper can sometimes be difficult to see. The outside of cars, the parts that drivers usually interact with, have glossy paint and coatings. Consequently, If you can see corrosion on the exterior, it’s usually too late to do anything.

So when I explain that I work to prevent corrosion many people immediately think of the automobile. Thusly, they believe that such protective measures are unnecessary because usually cars with rust are old enough for disposal entirely.


From a manufacturing point of view, corrosion starts happening the moment a part comes off of a line. With precision parts tolerances and balances are very low. Given this, even slight inconsistencies (including nearly invisible ones) can cause problems. Knowing how quickly sensitive pieces can corrode, it makes sense that expensive pieces can lose usefulness or become compromised. This, of course, could result in a premature failure, by the time they arrive to customers.

The picture of a deconstructed car is a perfect example. There are 6,843 parts working in harmony. If one part is off, it can cause the whole system to diminish or reduce the expected useful life.

Intercept Technology™ -- Recyclable Reactive Copper Infused Protection For Your Barrier Packaging Needs

What's Inside Intercept Technology™

Intercept Technology™ combats corrosion by reacting with and neutralizing "corrosion causing" particles that are present in our everyday air. A large OEM manufacturer in Gyor, Hungary and a large steering system manufacturer, shipping from Germany to the US, have both standardized the use of foam saturated with a liquid Intercept Material.

Also, these companies rely on the Intercept Technology™ to keep their precision parts corrosion free. As a result, this postures the parts to be put directly into production.

Much like the picture, just as all the parts that make a car "a car are on the inside" -- so too, it's what's inside Intercept Technology™ that makes it work for you. To learn more about our long term, contamination and oil free corrosion protection -- call us at (847) 821-8280 or email us for additional information.