A barrier to benefits can often be unforeseen. I enjoy camping and have been receiving flyers and opinion polls because of my time spent in Yellowstone Park. While there, I learned about how the insertion of wolves (after a 70-year absence) changed the behavior of the animals and the land. I recently found a video that described the lengths to which the park and its wildlife were affected.


Benefits to the Environment

In short, the wolves thinned the elk and deer, which were overgrazing. This lead to the regrowth of vegetation which drew more birds. The birds were followed by small animals. The elk and deer, due to the wolves, stayed farther away from the rivers. This allowed close vegetation for the beavers. As a result, the beavers increased their activity which resulted in more dams. Not to mention, an increase in fish which was another benefit to the eco-system as a whole. This chain of events was nothing short of remarkable and is luring me back to the park.

The unforeseen benefits brought on by ridding the park of the wolves and then reinserting them are fascinating. Humans got a rare chance to witness how our choices affected the landscape and the resulting trophic cascade.

Intercept Technology™ - Reactive Barrier Packaging that Benefits the Environment

Intercept Technology™ Reactive Barrier Packaging Benefits the Environment

Intercept Technology™ is designed to prevent atmospheric degradation and/or ESD damage to sensitive materials. We also pride ourselves on the fact that our materials are recyclable. Our goal is to help companies preserve and deliver a quality part.

One of our customers, that manufacture computer boards, has realized up to a 4000% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions because they switched to using Intercept Technology reactive barrier bags. This is staggering when you consider that most companies look for modest decreases in greenhouse gas production.

Their initial goal was to prevent ESD damage to the boards during handling, shipping, and storage. After they switched to Intercept Technology™ they eliminated their failures due to ESD damage.

After further analyses, the savings from not having to replace bad boards, coupled with switching to Intercept Technology™ recyclable shielding bags, allowed for up to 40x reduction in carbon emissions, not to mention huge cost savings by avoiding the reworking expensive motherboards.

Effecting efficiency is not outside of our scope. The unforeseen benefit of making a change to further protect their product, our customer has enjoyed a dramatic drop in production of greenhouse gasses. This benefit was made possible by simply changing to our Static Intercept® reactive barrier bags.

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