Intercept Technology™ is pleased to introduce a new user of our Intercept Mineral Preservation System (IMPS): Freeport-McMoRan -- a mining company based in Phoenix, Arizona.


To clarify, our state of the art IMPS enables long term preservation of core mineral samples. In short, in the mining industry, core samples are used to prospect sites for new mining locations. Therefore, the accuracy of the sample reports is imperative to ensuring optimum business operations.

To that end, by using IMPS testing core samples involves unsealing and resealing our Intercept Technology™ bags. Before, previous sample storage methods were time-consuming, costly, and often not accurate. Moreover, IMPS ensures that mineral samples remain protected from corrosive gasses and other damaging elements. As a result, it protects the precision of the core samples.

Intercept Technology™ -- IMPS | Core and Sample Preservation Via Simplified Packaging Process

All things considered, there are many gains to glean.

Benefits to Using IMPS:

  • Optimum core and mineral sample preservation
  • Original conditions through direct sample processing
  • Easier packaging process
  • No cooling required
  • Location independent
  • Access to Intercept Technology™ service and maintenance team

Core and Sample Preservation via Easier Packaging Process

  • 1. Load core samples into tray from drill ring
  • 2. Insert tray into INTERCEPT tube
  • 3. Air removal & sealing process
  • 4. Insert into Protective Layer & Seal

For more details on IMPS, simply send us an email, or call us at (847) 821-8280.