The ongoing contributions of Bell Labs are numerous, to say the least. Imagine a world without -- the fax machine, various lasers, the first satellite, the semi-conductor, and various computer languages. Moreover, imagine a world without Intercept Technology™.

They have made all of these a reality. Their history remains unrivalled in productivity and patents, averaging a patent a day since their inception.



Innovative Genius At Its BEST

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) typically honors individual technical achievements. Recently the IEEE honored Bell Labs 90 years of technological breakthrouhgs with an IEEE Milestone.

IEEE President Peter Staecker said, “The reason why IEEE feels it’s important to recognize these achievements and the people behind them is that they serve as landmarks in the progress of technology and the progress of civilization.”

Intercept Technology™ -- Yet Another Bell Labs Creation

They contribute mightily to the development of technology, specifically communication. Named for Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, they continue to innovate how we communicate. From land lines, to cell phones, and continuing to change our data networks.

Theodore Sizer, joked, “So we worked 150 years to give people a phone in their own home, and in 10 short years we have begun relying not on our home phones but the phones we carry around in our pockets.”

All and all, innovation continues in communication and other fields, whether it means upsetting their own creations or not. As a company working with a Bell Labs creation, Intercept Technology™, we are proud to carry on this legacy of continual advancement. In like manner, we are prepared to push our field of preservation packaging continually forward.