From the infinite stretch of the universe, to the microscopic miracle of copper particles -- sometimes making sense of things that are on different scales of magnitude than we are can be hard to imagine. I use scale in the broadest of terms here.


Visualization of Scale

Sometimes it is hard to concieve different scales. From huge things like the size of the universe, to the tiny end of the spectrum like atoms or quarks.

Other scales include things that are moving quickly or slowly.

Actually, anything that is outside of our ability, mainly our senses, to experience can be hard to grasp. Technology has helped us grasp and understand some of these things. My favorite visualization of scale is from the Different Scales video produced in the '70's. This is when we were beginning to climb the steep curve of technology, in this case it was microscopes and telescopes. Time lapse or high-speed cameras have more recently helped us envision things that were previously undetectable to our eyes. Things like the growth rate of lichen or how a curveball spins can now actually be seen in motion.

Intercept Technology™ Uses Billions of Copper Particles To Naturally Interact With Gases

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One interesting application of this is mapping out the wing patterns of different types of winged creatures. The scientist watched slowed down versions of revolutions of different creatures’ wings to show how they work. I thought that the most interesting ones were the goose and the dragonfly. The goose uses it's elbow joint on the upswing to rotate it's wing and the dragonfly’s two sets of wings move differently. Humans have started being able to visualize these things to visualize how they work.

Intercept Technology™ -- Copper Infused Reactive Barrier Packaging Offers the Highest Quality Corrosion Protection

The Atomic Phenomenon of Copper

Intercept Technology™ uses billions of copper particles to react with corrosive gases that are in the air. To be exact, 1.3 billion copper particles per square meter of material. From the human scale we see this as a flat surface. However, observed under great magnification you can see the peaks and valleys that unearth a huge amount of surface area. The surface area maximizes the number of these reactions and increases the effectiveness of cleaning the environment inside of the bag. As a result, it creates a clean and safe method for storage and transportation of corrosion and degradation sensitive materials. The resulting reactive barrier provides an enormous amount of opportunities for these reactions to occur, making the likelihood of happening greater.

Another way we see this micro corrosion occurring in a tangible way is by watching the color of our Corrosion Intercept® films and bags change from copper to black or green or our Static Intercept® film as it shifts from dark brown to black. Even though this is happening at the molecular level it becomes tangible at the human scale.

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