The end of the year is always marked by all sorts of lists and countdowns. I enjoy the symbolism of ending one chapter and beginning of another. As I see it, there is no more natural time than now to do this. My favorite list this year is’s Physics Breakthroughs of 2014. "Breakthroughs" in this case being defined as, "a sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development" in accordance to the Oxford English Dictionary. For the purpose of our post, we see it as pure innovation.



Innovation At Its Best

This list named the Philae module landing on a comet as its top choice. I think it is the right choice.

This module launched back in March of 2004. It traveled billions of miles to eventually land on a comet traveling at tens of thousands miles per hour. The calculations involved getting something into space are hard enough, but landing this probe was truly a work of genius. Indeed, the kind of genius that deserves recognition.

Intercept Technology™ -- Innovation Meets the Statue of Liberty Project

Other innovative breakthroughs such as laser fusion, monograms storing data, and tractor beams also made the list. Such breakthroughs have the capacity to change the way we live and deserve acknowledgement.

Intercept Technology™ -- Packaging Innovation: Reactive Barrier Protection Against ESD, Tarnish, Rust, Corrosion, and Degradation

New and Inventive Packaging Innovation

The Intercept Technology™ was an innovation that came out of the Statue of Liberty Project. Everyone who works with it is proud of the technology’s roots.

We constantly try new things, be it applying what we know in new ways or building brand new products.

In taking this time to wish you a Happy New Year, we celebrate the continual innovation all around us.