As we start a new year, we want to focus on aspects of our world. Specifically, aspects which impact both our lives and the protection of the products we produce as a society. Correspondingly, one of these areas is air pollution and its respective impact around the world.


The Impact of Air Pollution

Scientists find more and more effects of pollution as time goes by. Take the case of recent studies revealing correlations between prenatal exposure to fine particles inhaled by expecting mothers, to autism. This is a scary proposition. Obviously, as time marches forth the effects of air pollution will likely appear in new places. World leaders confer frequently to determine the best courses of action. In the meantime individuals and individual companies basically need to fend for themselves.

Solutions exist to prevent problems associated with pollution, namely corrosion and degradation. Some preventative measures rely on oils or greases to prevent outside air from coming into contact with the part. Some measures, rely on changing the properties (pH) of the parts. Others, seek to stabilize the environment around the part (via hermetic sealing or purifying the micro environment).

Intercept Technology™ -- Protects Against Air Pollution Including Smog, Ozone, Sulpher, Chlorine, Salts, Nitrous Oxides, And Other Corrosive Gases

The Realities of Air Pollution

The Impact of Air Pollution

Many of these methods have been around for many years, some dating back to World War One. One of the newer methods is Intercept Technology™.

This preservation technology relies on purifying the environment around the part. It does not require a hermetic seal, which can be problematic. This is true, for industrial parts or international shipments requiring inspection to clear customs.

Intercept Technology™ relies on the power of copper to react with and neutralize atmospheric pollutants that cause corrosion and degradation. Consequently, it not only produces a micro-environment inside of the package, it prevents new contaminants from entering the package.

Intercept Technology™ -- Innovative Reactive Barrier Protection That Combats Air Pollution By Neutralizing Atmospheric Pollutants

This technology does not rely on oils or greases. Therefore, it is ideal for protecting sensitive items like fine art and jewelry. Also, because it cleanses the atmosphere, it can provide protection independent of size. Intercept Technology™ creates a clean micro-environment inside the package and then forms a reactive gas barrier around the item(s). Thus, the contents contained therein remain safely protected.

The same things that affect your products can affect your health. For superior protection for your products turn to Intercept Technology™, Simply Better Protection. Let us know if you want additional information on how we protect various items around the world, like precious metals, artwork, coins, and paper products for museums and archives. Intercept protects more than just metal items.