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Intercept Technology, Inc.

Intercept Technology, Inc. (INTERCEPT) is the direct licensee from Bell Labs on the Intercept Technology™, and has been the leading technical force behind the technology since our inception as a company in 1983. Several of the leading engineers in the development of the Intercept Technology™ united to form INTERCEPT to further develop, manufacture, distribute and market the various Intercept Technology™ related products.

Intercept was developed to fight the dual problem facing high end and telecommunication electronics, namely adequate ESD protection and corrosion (solderability) damage. Static Intercept® was developed to provide permanent ESD protection for electronics, as well as long-term, contamination free corrosion protection for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals. This dual protection has found numerous applications outside of the tradtional focus that Bell Labs had foreseen.

INTERCEPT is the leading product development (R&D) and Technology arm within the Intercept Technology™ Group. INTERCEPT is looking to continue to improve the existing line of Intercept Technology™ products, adding on average a new Intercept product per year, as well as looking at dramatic breakthrough products like the new Corrosion Intercept® Clarity product. Our new products development pipeline continues to be filled with new innovative Intercept Technology™ products to ensure the continuation of tireless efforts to change the face of protective packaging.

Keith Donaldson


Intercept Technology, Inc.